822 Decor is a New York-based candle company. Our goal is to provide luxury, handmade candles that will become a statement piece in your home. We pride ourselves in hand-pouring every candle we offer. Each candle is wicked, labeled, and packaged by our team. We use 100% natural soy wax that is produced from American grown soybeans, followed by a cotton wick and dreamy fragrances. We believe we have a candle scent that is perfect for everyone.

Our fragrances are inspired by everyday moments, experiences, memories and the people around us. We hope our candles can bring you back to a positive memory and brighten up your day.

We take sustainability seriously. We recommend reusing and recycling our candle jars after completion.  




The love for candles started in a family brownstone in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn, NY. Tia crafted her first candle in her grandmother's brownstone with her father. She and her father would travel to their local craft store and make unique gel-like candles to gift to their family and friends. 

Tia Gadson was born and raised in Harlem, New York. Her love for candles started as a child. As an adult, she began collecting beautifully designed candles with different scents and aromas. These candle jars became essential pieces in her home. 


Starting a candle business was once a faint idea back in 2018 and would later turn into a business during the 2020 pandemic. Tia is a one-woman team and hand-pours, wicks, packages, and labels all of her candles. She believes in quality work and handling her business and products with care.