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How do I properly take care of my candle?

We recommend trimming your candle wick to ¼” before every burn. Trimming helps prevent the flame from getting too large, and also cuts down on any excess soot or black smoke. Learn more about candle care here.  

What is the burn time for candles?

It’s expected to not burn your candle more than four hours at a time for safety reasons and to help preserve the fragrance.

What kind of wax is used in your candle products?

Our candles are 100% natural soy wax that derives from American soybeans. 

How many candles can I purchase at once?

Customers cannot purchase more than eight (6) candles at a time per order. Failure to comply to our terms and condition may result in order cancellations. If you would like to purchase more than the limited amount required, you must place multiple orders.



I no longer want my item and would like a refund.

All purchases are  FINAL. However, you can request a refund if your item is incorrect, damaged or defective after 7 days of delivery. Contact us at

How do I request a refund?

Please provide a recipe and/or proof of purchase. We will also need photographic evidence of your incorrect, damaged or defective items.

Do you allow returns or exchanges?

We do not accept returns. All purchases are final. We do accept exchanges only for incorrect, damaged, or defective candle products of the same size and price. To be eligible for a free replacement candle, customers are required to contact us at with photographic evidence. Email submissions are accepted within 14 days of delivery. 




Where is my order delivery?

Standard shipping will take up to 10 business days.



Do you offer wholesaling services?

We do not offer a wholesale option. All items sold on 822 Décor online store are not for resale.


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